Dr. Sachidanand Singh
Message from Principal

“Educational Institutes are temple of learning with education and knowledge as the Godess, Teachers are its priests and student as its devotees.”

Jawahar Lal Nehru

Jawaharlal Nehru college provides a student centre of learning environment with close student faculty interaction and constant participation. The Principal mission of our college is to achieve success. This college is known for highly qualified faculty and motivated students and support staff.

Our programs are designed to provide the students with a combination of fundamental knowledge and lifelong learning skill that will prepare them for a successful career in their chosen field. And I am immensely happy to inform you that our faculty members and students are making a cutting edge achievement and research in science, Social science humanities and all other vocational courses (IFF, BBA, BCA, Biotechnology)

This college combines high academic excellence and well equipped and furnished laboratories, computer lab, fishery pond, sports and recreational facilities and above all an outstanding faculty that is accessible and an administration that is responsive and proactive. We go beyond the university syllabi giving emphasis on activities such as seminars, debates, guest lectures, exhibition, study tours, book reviews projects and so on.

Gaining knowledge is an integral part of human life and culture. And firmly believe “Moral and values based education lead to all round development”. These word continue to reverberate in my mind and serve as beckon light and motivate me to all round personal development of the student.

In a nutshell I am proud of the resources of the college both human and material that have been built over the years. And I assure you I, along with my esteemed team will work for sustaining the high academic credentials of the college.

With Thanks

Dr. Sachidanand Singh