Welcome to jawaharlal nehru college dehri on sone

Our MOTTO: “ज्ञानं परमं ध्येयम्”

“Knowledge is the supreme goal”

To impart liberal holistic education to cross sections of the society, particularly the rural destitute, deprived and underprivileged ones, for shaping a sterling character and scintillating career imbibed with value of humanism, equality global competency, patriotism, justice and secularism.


  • To provide and enrich the educational programme/courses various disciplines in response to changing regional, national and global scenario, with emphasis on employment/skill oriented programmes informal and non-formal mode.
  • To undertake community outreach activities ensuring active participation by students, faculty, alumni and other stakeholders.
  • To improve and upgrade teaching – learning process in view of emerging ICT trends.
  • To go beyond the realm of regular academia and arrange a wide array of enrichment programmes for the students. and faculty
  • To monitor, review, revive and initiate institutional practices in the light of nationalistic goals.

“To improve the lives of rural youth, their communities and enhancing the socio – economic prosperity of the region through quality education, while inculcating the spirit of nationalism, humanism, scientific temper and striving for excellence in everything we do”